Architectural photography can be called by many names, like ground photography, commercial real estate photography, real estate photography.  In every instance, businesses, marketing professionals, property managers and real estate agents are all looking for the same thing: quality.  From Charlotte, to Atlanta to Houston, Clear Sky Images delivers a high caliber product to bring out the best in your projects.



We use natural and advanced lighting techniques for our interior photography.


It starts with shooting at the right time of day and ends with the right kind of photos.




Some call it magical.


Each job begins with your site outline, provided by you with our online quote system. The finest architectural photography depends primarily on light. Time of day, color temperature, source availability and directional composition are the key elements we pay strict attention to when planning and shooting your site.


Once on site, we proceed to find all angles worth capturing to fully cover your package selection and beyond. Included with traditional photographic techniques, we also employ an elevated pole camera system for views not normally possible as a standard practice for all photoshoots. For 99% of our projects, within 24 hours of completion of the assignment, a proof gallery will be provided of all views taken so you have the opportunity to see the wide variety of photos captured.


This preliminary gallery of rough images allows you to choose images based on composition and subject matter. After your selections are made, our refinement process begins by expertly preparing the imagery for distribution. Color corrections, crop, composition and perspective adjustments are applied to your proof selections to create the final customized imagery and made available via email download immediately upon completion.


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