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Aerial photography requires an experienced professional to juggle air traffic control, lighting conditions, GPS coordinates and so much more.  Let us worry about all of that!  We utilize airplanes, helicopters and drones to capture unique angles, to show a property's relationship to its surroundings or to provide an image for mapping.  We cover a massive area, including the southeast, eastern north carolina and Texas.



Standard imagery for close, medium and wide views.

An affordable option.


Super low to super high!

The widest range of creativity.

The optimal choice.


Cool views! Crazy perspectives!

Up to 400 feet. Ideal for small sites and close proximity areas.


As with our architectural photography services, using our online quote system you will provide an outline of your property. This step is even more vital for this style of imagery as we maintain required communication with FAA authorities to insure access to locations within controlled airspace. The site outline tool provides key details automatically to make this process smooth. 


We have three primary sources of aerial photography: standard high wing airplane, helicopter and drone. Each style has its own advantages.


For the most imagery per dollar spent and sites needing to cover many miles of territory, standard high wing airplane aerials are the most common types of photos we shoot. Shot from a minimum of 1,000 feet above the ground, we capture close, medium and wide shots in our standard package. 


When you want a dynamic, architectural feel to your imagery AND the wide area views of airplane aerials, helicopter is the way to go. Helicopters allow us to be much closer to the ground for increased creativity with telephoto lenses. This affect creates a more intimate style of imagery to pull the viewer in and to convey proximity to surrounding items of interest such as a city skyline, shopping venues and thoroughfares. Although a higher budgeted type of imagery, helicopter photos allow for the most creativity over a large area.


Drone imagery is ideal for sites where the focus is primarily on the subject matter and its immediate surrounding. Images of this style also create that architectural feel and quality as we go lower to the ground.  Compositional opportunities are vast. Being able to use elements in close proximity to the site, such as trees or other structures, gives an advantage to drone imagery that not even helicopters can achieve. Although height limitations exist, typically 400 feet above ground level, many clients find this the most affordable aerial imagery where creative options are paramount.


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