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Mouth Watering Food Photography in Charlotte

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Well I'll be! It's kind of cool to walk uptown and be treated to a lovely display of the food photography shots we took for the local restaurant, Ivy Burger! Best way to bring in the business is to show off the goods, right? They get it. Do you?

If you're in the business of feeding people, don't underestimate the marketing power of truly great food photography. If you don't have high quality, professional shots of your fare for marketing purposes, you are going to be missing a lot of business!

There is so much a restaurant can do with really nice, professional images of its menu items. A talented commercial photographer can make your already delicious looking food look even better. Like the kind of fare they serve in foodie heaven. Then, take those gorgeous photos to a great graphic artist, and the possibilities explode! Menus, newspaper ads, marketing brochures, magnets, even window decals, all featuring your tantalizing cuisine tastefully displayed alongside your logo. Makes your potential customers' eyes pop and their mouths water.

But it all starts with really great food photography- by a photographer who knows how to capture your gustatory delights in the perfect light, with the perfect staging and background, for a perfect final product that will entice hungry passersby to open YOUR door!

Click the image above to see the graphics Ivy Burger created with our photos.

E-Commerce Charlotte

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E-Commerce Charlotte

"Picture Perfect" E-Commerce Sites Drive More $ale$!

Tuesday, March 12th 3:00 PM

The Garage @ Packard Place

222 Church Street

Charlotte, NC 28202

With some 900,000 e-commerce sites in the United States, "click" and "brick and click" sales are growing in double digits and becoming a significant selling channel in many firm's business models. During the 2012 holiday season alone $ 33.8 billion was spent on-line, a 13.8% increase over last year.

Clear Sky Images Owner and Commercial Photographer Brett Osborne will share his experience and expertise in developing high impact images to increase a firm's internet presence AND sales.

Click Here to check out our last blog post on our product photography. Here's some of our latest work:

Burgers, Coffee and Flasks - Marketing with Photography

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Next to word-of-mouth, marketing with photography is the BEST way for a product or food oriented business to gain more clientele. Having a stock of really clean, fresh images of your products to place on marketing materials is really an essential in today's competitive marketplace. A picture is worth a thousand words, and one well placed photo can continue to live on in the subconscious of a thousand viewers. Many of those thousand viewers may turn out to be loyal customers! You want to showcase your offerings tastefully, professionally, artfully. You want images that really pop- that stimulate exactly the right feelings in the mind of the viewer.  That means hiring the right commercial photographer to ensure your marketing efforts are not in vain.

If you need something shot right, then we're the guys to call. Lately, we've been doing a ton of food and product photography and we have had a blast with it! We appreciate that our clients are choosing Clear Sky Images to shoot these forms of photography. We don't want to give the impression that we only do aerial photography or architectural photography. Not true! We are capable and experienced in all types of commercial photography- including food and products.  Is marketing with photography the crucial next step for your business? CONTACT US to get a customized quote today.

Click the images to see more examples of our food and product photography!

The Memphis Belle

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UPDATE: See the Memphis Belle Feature on page 1 of Flying Magazine!

We had the privilege of shooting photography and video for the replica of the first airplane of World War II to complete 25 bombing missions, The Memphis Belle. This B-17 is the exact plane that was used in the 1990 Warner Brothers movie showcasing the history of this remarkable aircraft and its crew.

The Movie Memphis Belle, as it's lovingly called by the folks who are currently responsible for it, has just undergone extensive upfitting and renovations by The Liberty Foundation, the organization striving to keep this amazing airplane in the air.

Click here to see the images we shot of the plane, including before and after renovation by Warren Ludlam and his crew at Carolina Avionics & Aircraft Interiors with donated leather from Green Hides Leather with help from Southeast Aircraft Interiors.

Check out our video below, featuring the pilot of the Memphis Belle, Ray Fowler:

Memphis Belle Photos by Clear Sky Images

Memphis Belle

We'd love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment below.

Architectural Photography at The Residences at Biltmore

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Most of our shoots go very well, due in large part to the fact that the staff that we meet on site are usually extremely helpful and easy to work with. One of our recent architectural photography shoots at The Residences at Biltmore in Asheville, NC really hit the mark in this regard. Shane Bounds with The Residences and Chris Laney of Serrus Capital Partners helped to stage and procure the models for this shoot; and due to their foresight and excellent eye, things came out even more spectacularly.

We rarely work with people or models on an architectural shoot, so for things to have turned out as well as they did, we were ecstatic. After the session, we were surprised to learn that the models, Jordan and Cullen Harper, have not modeled professionally before. Despite this, every single shot came out flawlessly and their postures and energy really made the spaces even more inviting. They are obviously a gorgeous couple, and Campbell had an added level of comfort in front of cameras because he was the star quarterback for Clemson!

The real winners of this shoot are the amazing twilight shots. Did you know these might not have even been taken? There was no plan to shoot in the morning, but as the sun began to rise around 7:30am Brett noticed a hint of pink in the sky. He and Shelly got all of the equipment together in a hurry and got in several beauties in only about a 10 minute window!

Overall, we think these architectural photography shots came out lovely and we were happy to receive this back as a response from Chris after sending the completed gallery:

"Simply - WOW"

When Photographers go on Vacation...

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You get AMAZING pictures, of course. Brett and Shelly just got back from a phenomenal visit to the West Coast via the Carnival Inspiration Cruiseship. Some of the places they visited included Los Angeles, Hollywood, Catalina Island, and Ensenada. All of the gallery links to their photos are here:

Carnival Inspiration
Catalina Island

Ensenada, Mexico

Griffith Observatory

Huntington Beach

Long Beach Castoff

Long Beach, California

Los Angeles Beaches

Los Angeles Skylines

Hollywood Boulevard

Hollywood Scenes

Runyan Canyon

Have you been to any of these places? Let us know below!

Location Photography at The Dry Bar

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As you know, we shoot a lot of work for commercial real estate professionals and the construction industry. You may not be aware that we also do commercial product, food and location photography for businesses. A lot of our work is used for marketing, sales, and websites but it's always a nice treat to see our photos in magazine articles. Recently, we did a shoot in Atlanta, GA for The Dry Bar. The Dry Bar is a salon in Atlanta that specializes in blow drying. They don't do cuts or color. They just offer that one, often craved service of having a professional blow dry your hair! This was a fantastic shoot and we had a blast doing it! And one of our images was used in an article on the website about the salon and its lovely owner, Alli Webb. Click Here or on the image to check out the article! Above is a slideshow of all the shots we took of this fabulous facility! If you need spectacular location, marketing or real estate photography to showcase your unique business, give Clear Sky Images a call for a customized estimate. Your images will come out just as beautiful as Alli's did.

3 Pro Photography Tips

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Our lead photographer, Brett Osborne, takes a moment to share a few things that you MUST know to maximize the value of your photos. Check out these pro photography tips, and let us know if you find them useful!

#1 - Shoot with the sun to your back.

For exterior photographs, you must find the right time of day to shoot. You want the sun to be your primary light source in order to virtually eliminate glare and underexposed images, giving you an overall image quality boost. There are several apps that you can get to determine where the sun will be, such as LightTrac, but keeping in mind that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west will help you tremendously. (If you always have trouble remembering that, it's ok. Sophie does, too!)

Determine what direction your subject is facing and you can guesstimate fairly easily from there. If it faces east, shoot in the early to mid-morning; if it faces south, shoot mid-morning to mid-afternoon; if it faces west, shoot in the early afternoon to sunset. If your building faces north?, just call me at (704) 733-0189, LOL. Generally this direction is best shot in the twilight hours, and that is another subject entirely!

#2 - For interiors, always, always, always use a tripod and never, ever, ever use on-camera flash.

Interior photos mean slower shutter speeds, therefore hand-holding these kinds of shots make for blurry images, which is why you use flash, right? NO!!! That's why you always use a tripod!!! (You're paying attention, right?). On-camera, pop-up, direct flash destroys a photo! It makes them look amateur, washed out, and unevenly lit/exposed. I am well aware that a bright window will make your photos look dark, and a dark room needs to look bright, but flash is NOT the answer, which leads us to Tip #3...

#3 - Shoot multiple exposures.

To get optimal photos you must know how to use your camera. That's why manual mode is the best mode! When you know how to shoot in manual mode you can change the settings on your camera to adjust for different conditions; such as interior spaces that are too dark or too bright, which will throw off ANY camera that is in automatic/program mode. When you learn how to shoot multiple exposures you will be able to pick the best looking photograph from a broader selection of shots, thereby increasing your chances of taking the winning image.

BONUS PRO PHOTOGRAPHY TIP #4 - Hire Clear Sky Images to shoot all of your photography.

Why? Because we will make you more money, guaranteed! Your listings will get recognized faster; your portfolio will wow your potential clients, and you will be much more productive by not having to wear the hat of "photographer" among the many others I'm sure you're already wearing.

Thanks for stopping by. If you found any of these pro photography tips helpful, take a moment and comment below, or preferably, write a review on our Google+ Page and Like us on Facebook to let us know what you thought. We hope to hear from you soon and good luck out there!

Brett Osborne
Lead Photographer
Clear Sky Images
(704) 733-0189

Stay tuned for more tips from me, Brett Osborne, lead photographer at Clear Sky Images and be sure to write me if you have any questions or for more information on our services!

What's That Smell?

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I am so in love with the newest member of our crew. Yes, everyone. We've hired a male model. He's funny, talented, and has a nose for success.

Meet Camden!

This captivating young man is the face of our latest ad campaign through the Carolina's Commercial Property E-Newsletter. We know that a lot of companies out there do the best they can with cell phones and digital cameras, but are they really getting their vision across, or just making all of their hard work look funky?

We picked picture #1371 to truly convey Camden's disgust with the thought that some people just don't realize there's a better way. BUT, which funny face is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Click here to see all ten looks!

Pictures Sell Properties!

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If you're not convinced that stunning professional photography is worth the investment, you may want to talk to ARA Real Estate Investment Services.

In a recent installment of the Carolinas Commercial Properties Newsletter , one of the North Carolina properties we shot was sold to buyers all the way from Alabama.  A lot of decision makers undoubtedly use site photos as a gauge when they are unable to visit prospective properties. There's no doubt about it. High quality, professional pictures sell properties!

We are pleased to have worked with ARA Real Estate Investment Services to showcase the best reflection of their listing.

When your potential buyers and customers see your properties, are you happy with what they see? If not, there's no time like the present to invest in gorgeous imagery that will sell your properties!

Thank you!