Clear Sky Images

Shopping Center Photography

Serving property managers and owners, our high quality shopping center photography will help your property stand out among an ever increasing number of sites. Cities across the Southeast and Midwest are expanding at record rates, and with our offices in Charlotte, NC and San Antonio, TX we provide service all over the country for our clients.

When we photograph your shopping center, we cover it from every angle imaginable. In addition to ground photography, we utilize a photography pole that will give you a new perspective on your site. By placing the camera 12-18 feet above the ground, we are able to shoot over the tops of the cars in the parking lot and fully capture your buildings. This is also a great way to show off how busy your shopping center is while still having great photography of the tenants.

After the shoot we upload all the raw images to a gallery for you to look through and select your favorite images. After selecting your preferred images, we put them through a robust post production process that consists of color correction, exposure blending and line straightening, all of which makes your property really leap off the screen. For our shopping center photography we shoot the same angle several times, giving you the option of showing the tenants with or without foot traffic walking in. We also keep all of the raw images on file, so if you find yourself needing an extra image a few months or few years down the line, we can deliver.

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