Clear Sky Images

Enterprise & Commercial Photography in Charlotte, NC, San Antonio, TX, and Austin, TX

Our commercial photography for businesses strives to showcase your product at its best. Our attention to detail ensures color, texture and luminosity are true to life and that our images accurately convey the genuine character of the subject to make your business pop in our photography. When you choose Clear Sky Images for your photography, your business will look its best so your products will stand out from the rest. When photographing people and events, we shift the focus to that personal connection that gives personality and life to the moment. Our personalized approach to commercial photography ensures your business looks unique to your branding.

Commercial Photography on Location in North Carolina & Texas

Too busy to go to a studio? We offer onsite/on location commercial photography services in Charlotte, NC as well as Austin and San Antonio, TX for our portrait and product photo shoots.

This style of commercial portrait photography allows for your staff to be captured in the everyday work life of your business while saving you time and money of having your staff come on location to the studio. All equipment necessary to create a studio environment is utilized to turn your office or business into a comfortable photographic stage. Inside or outside, it doesn’t matter! We cater staff headshots and business photography to your specifications so that you get unique photos for your business needs.

If you’re in need of staff headshots, general photography of your business, product photography, or need photography assistance for other commercial needs, contact us today for a quote!