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Aerial Photography Charlotte, NC, Austin, TX, and San Antonio, TX

Types of Aerial Photos Available

Aerial photography is a great option when trying to get wider shots or impossible-to-get photographs that are otherwise unattainable  on the ground. These shots can be a powerful message from the scope in size of a given property or showcasing events, homes, or large plots of land. These photos can impress potential clients, sell a home, capture events that will leave a lasting impact, and more. The possibilities are endless.

When considering aerial photography in Charlotte, NC, Austin, TX, and San Antonio, TX, you have the option of helicopter or airplane shots. What is the difference?

Helicopter Photography

A helicopter allows for images from low altitudes and is well-suited for oblique photographs. These factors translate to impressive architectural detail. The lower altitude for helicopter photography can allow for more flexibility in how photographs are captured depending on the situation.

Airplane Photography

An airplane is most appropriate for high altitude images with expansive views. This option would be best for capturing an entire work site, skyline or landmark map. It allows for photographs that a helicopter would sometimes be unable to capture.

Why Clear Sky Images for Aerial Photography

Our team understands the options in aerial photography and what is right for your project. More importantly, we provide both of these options for you at flat-rate prices. So no matter your needs, Clear Sky Images can get the aerial photographs you need.

Click Here to send an outline of your site to us now. Also, check out our aerial photo map of past locations we have photographed. We may have stock aerial photos of North and South Carolina in our database of imagery from past aerial flights. You might not have to wait at all!