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Dang it, Sophie!

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OK, so sometimes I need to reign it in. The last e-mail that I sent out about the leaves being see through was intended to showcase that certain properties can gain visibility in the winter if they're normally canopied by the trees. I completely went overboard there stating that ALL visibility is better in the winter and that this is the best time to get aerials. Brett was like... Um...... Read More »

Decisions, Decisions! Another Satisfied Client

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We love to get notes of appreciation from satisfied clients! It shows us that we're doing something right. And if the thank you notes ever slow down, we'll know we need to make some changes. But for now, it's all positive feedback! In the mailbag this week... We got the nicest comment from Blair with JE Dunn today after sending off her photos of the shoot we did at the Henderson County... Read More »

Lo and Behold! Our Photos in the News

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We shoot so many pictures for marketing pieces, billboards, and the like; yet it's still always a pleasant surprise to run across our work in action! Sometimes we even see some of our photos in the news! Saw this in the Charlotte Business Journal a little while ago: Click the image to see the original gallery Read More »


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Hiya. This is Sophia with Clear Sky Images. This is our first post. I can't promise anything here other than a candid, inside look at the back end of our business. That means you may get a few laughs, a few light bulbs, and even a few tips on how to be a better photographer yourself. ***Because we're the best.*** Enjoy! Read More »