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west-austin-condos-8600   The West side of Austin is growing at an incredible rate, with numerous large cranes laying the foundation for what will be another skyscraper.  In recent years a number of high end condos and office buildings have sprung up, offering up a nice counterpart to the more traditional home, artist centered East side of town.   One of the highlights of  West Austin is the direct feeder into the Austin green belt that goes around Lady Bird Lake.  There is a gigantic pedestrian bridge with running and bike lanes that will take you over the water, and also gives you one of the best views of the city skyline.  For those in need of gear to get your workout routine underway, there is a variety of running and biking shops within walking (or running) distance of the bridge.   Being that this is Austin, it is impossible not to have a touch of the weirdness that makes Austin the city that it is.  As you look at the skyline you will have a great view of one of the most famous pieces of graffiti in the city.  On the train bridge it reads “I’ve Got Ninja Style KungFu Grip”, which given that it is a good 40 feet above the water, it’s safe to assume this boast is accurate.   While the West side of town isn’t quite the popular tourist spot that 6th Street, South Congress, or East Austin is, it is an up and coming area of town and has some fantastic views of the city.