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Completed in 1937, this thirty story tower is one of the most recognizable features of Austin.  Located in the heart of the University of Texas campus, the University of Texas Tower can be seen from miles around.


When it originally opened in 1937, the plan was to use the Tower as a library with a series of dumbwaiters moving the books between floors.  This was short-lived as people figured out having to move books up and down nearly twenty stories wasn’t the most logical thing.  During World War II the tower had an air raid siren installed at the top, however it was never used outside of testing.  Now the Tower is home to administrative offices, as well as an observation deck where tours are routinely given in the Spring and Fall.  During special events, such as the University of Texas Longhorn football victories, the tower is illuminated with bright orange lights.  The Tower is also used to honor graduates with their graduation year spelled out in giant lights.


There are many great places to appreciate this seventy-eight year old architectural beauty.  The East side of campus has a great view with it’s giant stone staircases in the foreground.  To fully appreciate it however you should stand due south and take in the lush greenscape hillside as it leads up to the tower.  Once at the top of that hill there is a large bronze statue of George Washington to take in as well.


We have many different views of the UT Tower, both from closeup and with the entire campus skyline.  Check out our full University of Texas Gallery Here, and be sure to check back often as we add more shots of this iconic landmark.