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UPDATE: See the Memphis Belle Feature on page 1 of Flying Magazine!

We had the privilege of shooting photography and video for the replica of the first airplane of World War II to complete 25 bombing missions, The Memphis Belle. This B-17 is the exact plane that was used in the 1990 Warner Brothers movie showcasing the history of this remarkable aircraft and its crew.

The Movie Memphis Belle, as it's lovingly called by the folks who are currently responsible for it, has just undergone extensive upfitting and renovations by The Liberty Foundation, the organization striving to keep this amazing airplane in the air.

Click here to see the images we shot of the plane, including before and after renovation by Warren Ludlam and his crew at Carolina Avionics & Aircraft Interiors with donated leather from Green Hides Leather with help from Southeast Aircraft Interiors.

Check out our video below, featuring the pilot of the Memphis Belle, Ray Fowler:

Memphis Belle Photos by Clear Sky Images

Memphis Belle

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