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Blog » A Tactical Advantage in Commercial Photography

How many times have you heard someone say that talk is cheap? That statement may be truer now more than ever. After all, you can launch an ad campaign on Facebook, create a stir on Twitter, and pretty much market yourself worldwide without spending a dime. So why does our team at Clear Sky Images still place such a value on talking? Because we know that talking can turn a good shoot into a great one. A talented commercial photographer can go into any situation and assess lighting, gauge the mood and balance the shot. A great commercial photographer knows precisely what questions to ask to ensure the shoot takes place in the best light, on the right day, hitting every important detail. Consider the gallery of images of the corporate office building for MSC Industrial. We covered this five-story building in Davidson, North Carolina for a local general contractor in just hours. We knew the spaces to target and the type of images needed, tackling the 18,000 SF with confidence. Before the shoot, CSI took a beat to talk the particulars of the job. This includes the cut-and-dry details like point of contact, access and geographic orientation. Where our team shines though is in its ability to get to the heart of the job – understanding the ultimate purpose of the images and true character of the building. We know the right questions to ask to help quickly assess just want you need from the project. Now back to the gallery for MSC. When you look beyond the well-balanced light and attractive angles, you will see a mixture of vertical and horizontal photos that allow for versatility in marketing layouts. Exterior images show both the expanse of the building and tighter shots of the entryways. This again considers the types of marketing the pictures will provide for our client. A late-afternoon shoot over the weekend ensures few cars and people, placing an emphasis on the building. The timing also gives us soft, bright light that gives way to a dramatic dusk setting. These details allowed our team to create the best collection of photos for our client. The end result? A set of images that captured the character of the building so well, that the project’s GC, Owner, Developer and Architect all purchased them. So the next the next time you hear someone say how talk is cheap, maybe consider that you are just not talking to the right people. Give Clear Sky Images a call to discuss how our commercial photography services can best help you. See the complete gallery here General Contractor – Choate Construction Company Owner – MSC Industrial Real Estate Developer – Childress Klein Properties Architect – Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio, LLC