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Last week, we published a blog post that focused on some of the finest examples of  our exterior architecture photography. For this week, we thought we’d exhibit some of our stunning interior architectural photography. Over the years, we have shot more than a few gorgeous indoor spaces that were just begging to be showcased.

For example, take a look at this transitional space from an office building in Charlotte, NC. The rich, polished wood grain and the glittering tile floors come together in this image to emphasize the elegance of the design. To see more photos of this property, check out the gallery.

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And how about this photograph, taken at the University of North Carolina? What a beautiful specimen of modern interior architecture! With this image, we strived to underscore the striking depth and symmetry of the structure. Who knew a staircase could make such a statement? There are more images of this site here.

interior architectural photography, unc, architectural photographer

This is a picture we shot of one of the entryways at the Coliseum Centre in Charlotte, NC. With the fountain for a focal point, the image pulls the glass and marble features of the space together with the beams of light from outside, evoking a sense of contemporary refinement. If you’d like to see more of photos of the Coliseum Centre, check out this gallery.

interior architecture photography, north carolina, commercial photography

Taking the time to capture the character and mood of an indoor space is one of the joys of our craft. We give each room in each building the attention it deserves. That’s how we create such high-calibre, enduring imagery for our clients.

We would love to give our expert attention to your property! If your space is begging to be showcased with interior architectural photography, contact us today for more information.