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Starr-Plaza-282   Starr Plaza is located in the small South Texas town of Rio Grande City, which is right on the Mexican border (which isn’t an exaggeration - the border crossing can be seen from the parking lot).  With the centerpiece being an HEB Plus!, it is a driving economic force in this small community of 14,000.  On the day of our shoot, there was an abundance of traffic, both via foot and vehicle, visiting the wide range of stores.   This was a tricky site to photograph as the main buildings face north, which we covered in a previous blog entry.  With our photographer getting on site at a brisk 6:15am, he was able to capture the building just as the sun was rising, giving them a nice even light.  While these are nice looking images, they pale in comparison to what we were able to capture at dusk.   Every now and then Mother Nature cooperates with you and provides some incredible sunsets.  This was one of those nights.  Even though there were clouds in the sky, they broke up enough to not only allow color through, but to also broke up just enough to create a nifty pattern in the sky.  This allowed us to take some dramatic photographs as a result.   Check out the rest of the gallery here.   Ready to have your site photographed?  Contact us today to get the process going!