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The state of Texas has four of the eleven largest cities in the nation, yet one of the largest draws to the state is its small town lifestyle.  On a recent trip to the Panhandle we stopped and visited Dalhart, a town that was important to the construction of the Texas State Capitol.


As previously mentioned, the land in Austin where the Texas State Capitol sits was traded for three million acres in the Panhandle.  That land later became the XIT Ranch, the largest cattle ranch in the world.  Dalhart is also known as XIT City thanks to its long relationship with the famous XIT Ranch.  In addition to the XIT Museum, Dalhart also hosts the XIT Rodeo and Reunion every year in August.


The downtown area is very quaint, with its red brick roads and old storefronts.  The courthouse honors James R. Fox Jr, who was a pilot for Pan American Airways and flew missions during World War II through The Hump, which was the nickname given to the east end of the Himalayan Mountains.  Tragically his plane went down during the war, but the Chinese honored his memory by making a bronze bust in his honor and presenting it to the town.


While the history of the town is rich, the most awe-inspiring sight is without a doubt the sunsets.  Virtually every night the entire sky lights up with with bright reds, oranges and yellows, making for some breathtaking views.  Thanks to the outskirts of town being farmland, if you take a five minute drive you will find yourself on an empty road with nothing but the sky ahead of you.

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