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In a previous blog entry, we discussed how Texas has four of the ten fastest growing cities in the country and how our apartment photography could you help capitalize on that.  Today we are going to talk about how our Shopping Center photography can do the same for your retail property.  The reality is that in these rapidly expanding markets there is abundant retail space available for a company to choose from, so you need to do something extra to help your property stand out from the rest.  That’s where Clear Sky Images comes in.


With our high quality photography, we will help your sales brochure stand out from the rest.  We take on each job with the same level of professionalism and will strive to make every property look its absolute best.  From the Nordstrom and Louis Vuitton stores on down to the Family Dollars and Wal-Mart, your center will be displayed beautifully.  When you hire us, we don’t just show up and shoot, we do our homework first.  We scout out every property with sun tracking software so that are sure to be there at the right time of day to capture your buildings in the proper light.


Speaking of light, sure daytime shots are necessary and can look fantastic, but nothing quite compares to a perfectly photographed twilight shot.  Texas has some of the most amazing sunsets in the entire world, so it only makes sense to incorporate it into your photos.  While we can’t always guarantee brightly colored skies, your shopping center will look beautiful when shot during the “golden hour”.


Once we have photographed your site we will provide you with a proof gallery to pick your preferred angles from, and don’t worry there will be a lot to pick from as we overshoot every job we do.  After your selection we put every photo through our rigorous post production process that turns good photos into great ones.  We have a variety of packages to accommodate the smallest strip mall to the largest outdoor shopping center and everything in between.

Have a shopping center you are ready to show off to the world?  Contact us today to get the process going!