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Blog » Real Estate Marketing: Excellent Photography is Worth Millions!

Once again, our belief that gorgeous professional photography is essential to good real estate marketing is proven correct! It is always so gratifying to see our work contribute to the sale of a property. Even more so when that property happens to be one of enduring historical and cultural significance. For instance, here is an historic property we photographed that recently sold for $7.8 mn. The historic Reynolds Building in Winston-Salem is an art-deco style high rise that was erected in 1929. Built and formerly owned by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, it has been sold to a hotel development partnership. The Reynolds Building is also currently under consideration by the Forsyth County Historic Preservation Commission for induction to the National Register of Historic Places. The developers' plans for the historically significant edifice include a boutique hotel, restaurants and luxury apartments, according to a news release. Here is a fun and interesting fact: the building garnered a lot of attention in 1929, when it was selected as Building of the Year by the National Association of Architects. Later, the Reynolds Building served as the model for the Empire State Building. We shot both the exterior and interior of the building, and the resulting images are just brilliant, if we do say so ourselves. Take a look:  We are so excited to have been able to photograph this beautiful piece of architecture, and so pleased that its future is secure and that it will remain for years to come as an important testament to the rich history and heritage of Winston-Salem and North Carolina. If you want to view more of the shots we took, see the Reynolds Building gallery. And if you would like to learn more about the sale or about the building itself, here is an article from the Piedmont News Station. Remember: Excellent photography sells real estate! There's no doubt about it. If you are looking for fantastic images to improve your real estate marketing efforts, contact us today!