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Blog » Photographing North Facing Buildings


Have you ever wondered why North facing buildings are hard to get good photos of? This South Texas property located in McAllen, Texas is a sprawling 287,000 square foot shopping center.  The major tenants include Target, Academy, Office Depot, and Marshalls, as well as a wide variety of smaller shops and restaurants.  The majority of major tenants face North, which can pose a problem with getting good photographs later in the winter.


Before photographing your site we research it thoroughly to make sure we are there at the right time of day to capture it in full sunlight.  Due to the fact that the fronts of some North facing buildings may never see the sunlight, we have to get a little creative in order to make your property look its best.  The most effective way to accomplish this is to start taking photos right at sunrise.


In order to capture sunrise photos, our photographer arrives on site a good thirty minutes before sunrise to set up.  Just as the sun begins to rise it will cast a wonderful even light across everything, giving us a few brief moments to capture the site.  In the case of Las Tiendas Plaza, our photographer did wind up sprinting up and down this vast site to ensure that all of the major tenants were captured.  When we shoot photos like this, we take multiple exposure so that we can blend them together in post production.  This allows us to illuminate the building while keeping the nice blue sky.

While this isn’t a perfect substitute for shooting a building in sunlight, sometimes it’s the only option that is available due to time constraints.  We here at Clear Sky Images go the extra mile to make sure you get the absolute best looking images no matter how difficult the circumstances.  Have a shopping center in need of photography?  Contact us today for a quote