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North Texas 3947   When you say Texas, most people picture vast fields of oil derricks churning away to bring the black gold to the surface.  A lot of people however would be shocked to learn that in addition to being an oil rich state, Texas is the leading producer of wind energy in the entire country.  With over a dozen major projects producing a top capacity of twelve thousand MW, wind power accounted for 8.3% of all electricity generated in Texas in 2013.   Clear Sky Images photographed the Sweetwater Wind Farm last November.  With nearly fourteen hundred wind turbines, the Sweetwater Wind Farm is the fourth largest in Texas, and the ninth largest in all of the United States.  If you take a drive up Highway153, you will go through the heart of the Wind Farm.  This leisurely trek will give you an amazing view of hundreds of giant windmills dotting the landscape.  And while it seems like it goes on forever, once you encounter your first windmill it will take you a good hour of drive time before you see the last one.   It can be difficult to get a good grasp of just how big these turbines are in pictures.  To put these wind turbines into perspective, the most widely used ones use 116 foot blades sitting on top of a 212 foot tower for a total height of 328 feet.  So from top to bottom these towers it is longer than a football field, which includes the end zone.   The landscape is striking, with crystal blue skies and never ending fields.  One of the most striking views however is this one showing the old weathered oil derrick working alongside the brand new gigantic wind turbine.  It is a great illustration of the past, present, and future of energy production here in Texas. To see the full gallery from this shoot, click here.