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Blog » New Drone Photography Rules


Drone Photography has exploded onto the scene over the past few years, with more and more pilots picking up the controls and taking flight to get angles that were impossible to get before.  Recently, in response to the drone photography boom, the FAA released new rules regarding the piloting of the drones.  The proposed rules are:


The drone must remain within eyesight of the pilot.


The pilot must be at least seventeen years old.


The top altitude of the drone will be capped at five hundred feet (or roughly the size of the Washington Monument).


There is a 100 miles per hour speed limit.


Pilots must pass a certification class from the Transportation Security Administration.


Over the next couple of months the FAA is asking for feedback from the public before it puts the final rules in place.  The FAA is expecting the analysis of the public comments to last for eighteen months, at which time the final rules will be put in place.


We here at Clear Sky Images will monitor the new drone photography rules so that we don’t miss a beat in providing you with top of the line drone photography.  Check out one of our most recent drone videos here.