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Blog » Dazzling Nature Photography from Sedona AZ

In 2013, our intrepid chief photographer Brett and his no-less intrepid wife, Shelly, took a trip to Arizona. While there, they did some sightseeing and shot some mind-blowingly beautiful photographs of the Grand Canyon, as well as scenic Sedona. In this post, we'll share some of the images from the Sedona excursion. Thanks to Pink Jeep Tours, and the kind of patience that would make the Mother of the Year jealous, Brett and Shelly were able to capture the almost otherworldly quality of these geologic formations against a backdrop of endless sky. Check out this amazing nature photography from Sedona! Pink Jeep Tours offers off-road tours for the adventurous type in Sedona, Las Vegas, Scottsdale and the Grand Canyon. The drivers are highly knowledgeable and they take you to places you probably never would have found on your own. If you have a thirst for adventure and breathtaking natural beauty, we highly recommend booking a tour with them when visiting any of these areas! It will definitely be a unique and unforgettable experience! Here's what Brett had to say about the technical side of the photographic awesomeness they produced in Sedona: "We often use a combination of HDR (done appropriately) and Photoshop layering to create a more accurate picture than what a single shot on the camera can accomplish. The eye sees so much more than the camera. To pull out the details, I use luminosity masks and a lot of patience. Sometimes you just have to wait on the sun and the right cloud cover. Sometimes you just get lucky. Taking advantage of the 'golden hour' which is always around twilight in the morning or evening helps. We only took a Nikon D800 and 28-300 mm lens for most images. And some good walking shoes." And as a special treat, here is an incredible video of one of the Pink Jeep tour guides riding his bike across the edge of the canyon in what is possibly the most death-defying act to ever involve a bicycle (and a dog). We might do a post later on with the Grand Canyon pics, but if you want to view them (as well as the rest of the Sedona photos and other Arizona sights) you can check out the entire Arizona trip gallery here. And of course, all of the photos are available for stock purchase!