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Blog » Location Photography - Austin Hotspots: HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Location photography in Austin, TX. The opportunities abound! With this series of blogs, we will highlight a few of our favorites photo opportunities.

Located just minutes from downtown Austin at 11th and Baylor St., the HOPE Outdoor Gallery is one of the largest outdoor art installations in the nation.  This three story mass of concrete began life as the foundation for a proposed housing project, however fate had other plans as the building was never completed.  In March of 2011 the HOPE Foundation, with the assistance of property owner Castle Hill Partners, took over the space and turned the bare concrete slabs into an ever changing outdoor art exhibit.

The HOPE Foundation brings together artists and musicians to create events to raise awareness for various causes.  With the HOPE Outdoor Gallery they are able to provide an impressive space where artists and community members a safe space where they can create and display their inspirational artwork.  In the process it has become one of the top 10 tourist destinations in Austin, which is impressive given that it’s not highly publicized or advertised.

 The artwork runs the gamut in terms of size and content.  On one narrow support beam you might find Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man chasing down some ghosts.  Take a few steps and you’ll find a seven foot tall blue stuffed teddybear hanging from a ledge and picking a flower.  For the adventurous types, you can climb up the hill on the side of the property to reach two more levels of colorful creations.

 While the artwork changes frequently, it isn’t a free for all.  In order to paint you must register and provide an example of what your addition to the park will be.  This not only helps to keep existing artwork intact, but also ensures that the positive and inspirational message is present.  The best part however is that every time you visit the site you are all but guaranteed to see new creations on the walls.

 For those who appreciate street art, or just want a perfect example of why the unofficial city motto is “Keep Austin Weird”, The HOPE Outdoor Gallery should be at the top of your list.

For more information on the HOPE Campaign, or to view some of the artwork that has graced the walls of the Outdoor Gallery, the links are below.

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