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Located between Houston and Galveston TX, the League City Plaza is at the heart of League City’s retail hub.  Thanks to its high quality and wide variety of shops, as well as being one of the last major stops before reaching the popular vacation destination of Galveston, the League City Plaza is perfectly situated to be an economic force in the area.  With anchor stores Kroger and Spec’s, this center gets a lot of foot traffic, boosting the surrounding businesses.   When Clear Sky Images photographs a site such as this, we first focus our attention on the main tenants, making sure that they are captured from every conceivable angle.  After that we make our way around the entire property to ensure that every highlight is captured.  In the case of League City Plaza, there was significant greenery around the property, which is highlighted in our photos.   With this photo shoot we also did twilight photographs of the main tenant Kroger.  This allowed us to capture a somewhat colorful sky while showing the inside of the store being illuminated.  If you would like to see more from this set, the full gallery is here.   Ready to have us photograph your site?  Contact us today to get the process going. League-City-390