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Wow! Check out these amazing Iceland stock photos! Clear Sky Images owners, Brett and Shelly Osborne, love to travel to new and interesting places. They especially enjoy destinations where they can take in (and photograph!) some gorgeous natural beauty. They've visited and photographed places like Sedona, AZ and Catalina Island. In October 2013, Brett and Shelly vacationed in the magnificent fairyland that is Iceland. Here is a small sampling of their journey in photographs! In the shot below, you can see the geyser Strokkur erupting at sunset. He is the little brother of the original Geysir, for whom all other geysers are named. The autumn sunsets last for a whole hour in Iceland, so there was plenty of time to play around and capture the perfect shots. This is a picture of Gullfoss- a waterfall that is very similar to Niagara Falls in that it is a bowl waterfall. There are many dazzling waterfalls in Iceland.  Below is a rare image of our lead photographer, Brett. We seldom get a chance to photograph the photographer! Behind Brett you can see the city of Reykjavik (Iceland's capitol) in the background. It is a very old city, but well preserved and beautiful. The people are wonderfully friendly in Iceland, and Brett and Shelly really enjoyed their time in Reykjavik.  Iceland is breathtakingly beautiful and Brett and Shelly can't wait to return. Next time, they plan to travel in the summer when the sunsets last for several hours. That's several hours of perfect outdoor photography lighting! If you want to see more of Brett and Shelly's Iceland images, check out the Iceland Stock Photos gallery. There are a lot more pictures of Reykjavik, of waterfalls and geysers, and some incredible Northern Lights stock photos to view.