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Blog » Skyline Images: The Golden Hour

 Look, up in the sky. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No, it’s Clear Sky Images! And what inspired our fearless photographer to take to the skies? His mission was clear, to obtain breath-taking images of the Charlotte skyline in beautiful detail. For this photo shoot, Brett was looking for more than altitude and position. He wanted that one time of day when the sun shines on the city like no other. When the cityscape stands strong against the soft hues of the sky, and reflections add a rich depth instead of a glaring distraction. But knowing when and where to launch the helicopter was only half of the game plan.  A clear flight path and unencumbered views ensured no obstacles stood in the way of the camera. A trusted pilot and a constant stream of communication with air traffic control cleared the way for our team. The helicopter provided the right altitude and a study platform for the oblique shots. And did we mention there are no doors on this thing?  Brett wouldn’t have it any other way. The wide open space allows unrestricted vantages. We offer all of these new skyline shots and aerial photos of Uptown within our gallery of images. Select one to give a personal and sophisticated gift to your Charlotte clients. Grab another to create an eye-catching holiday card that any recipient would proudly display. Beat the holiday rush and purchase one of Clear Sky Images' spectacular skyline photographs of uptown Charlotte. Click the link below to view the gallery and purchase online today!

Helicopter Skylines 2013