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Blog » Mouth Watering Food Photography in Charlotte

Well I'll be! It's kind of cool to walk uptown and be treated to a lovely display of the food photography shots we took for the local restaurant, Ivy Burger! Best way to bring in the business is to show off the goods, right? They get it. Do you?

If you're in the business of feeding people, don't underestimate the marketing power of truly great food photography. If you don't have high quality, professional shots of your fare for marketing purposes, you are going to be missing a lot of business!

There is so much a restaurant can do with really nice, professional images of its menu items. A talented commercial photographer can make your already delicious looking food look even better. Like the kind of fare they serve in foodie heaven. Then, take those gorgeous photos to a great graphic artist, and the possibilities explode! Menus, newspaper ads, marketing brochures, magnets, even window decals, all featuring your tantalizing cuisine tastefully displayed alongside your logo. Makes your potential customers' eyes pop and their mouths water.

But it all starts with really great food photography- by a photographer who knows how to capture your gustatory delights in the perfect light, with the perfect staging and background, for a perfect final product that will entice hungry passersby to open YOUR door!

Click the image above to see the graphics Ivy Burger created with our photos.