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Blog » Downtown Austin Construction

Austin  Downtown 715   The downtown Austin area is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, which coincides with massive population growth the city has enjoyed in recent years.  No matter where you are in the city, it is easy to tell that there is a massive amount of construction going, as there are dozens of large crane dotting the skyline landscape.   According to the Downtown Austin Alliance, there are currently forty-six projects that are either under construction or in the final planning stages, with twenty-six of them already breaking ground. All told there are millions of square feet of new office and retail space, as well as thousands of new hotel rooms and residential living space.   In addition to the commercial space, there are other exciting projects such as the Dell Medical School and Teaching Hospital, which will be a part of the Medical School at UT Austin.  A new Central Library is also being built, which will have nearly two hundred thousand square feet.  New buildings aren’t the only thing going on downtown, as Town Lake Park is undergoing a massive transformation to expand and improve the park. To see just how much construction there is going on downtown, take a look at our gallery of downtown Austin here.  Or to see the skyline littered with cranes, our skyline gallery can be found here.