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Blog » Dang it, Sophie!

OK, so sometimes I need to reign it in.

The last e-mail that I sent out about the leaves being see through was intended to showcase that certain properties can gain visibility in the winter if they're normally canopied by the trees. I completely went overboard there stating that ALL visibility is better in the winter and that this is the best time to get aerials.

Brett was like... Um... nobody wants to get photos when the trees are bare and everything's dead. Plus visibility in winter aaain't that great, m'dear.


Surprisingly, given those facts, we've been extraordinarily busy! It appears that rain or shine, greenery or twigs, when properties are moving pictures just have to be shot. So hopefully, I made those poor souls that can't wait until spring feel a little better about their aerials!

But, yes... I'll take it down a notch.