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Blog » Our Commercial Photographers Make Walmart Look Amazing

When most people think “beautiful photography”, a Walmart shopping strip probably isn’t the first subject to come to mind. But the truth is, even a shopping center can look awesome with a nice background and one of our talented commercial photographers behind the lens. Take Entrada De Oro Shopping Center in Arizona, for example. Its major tenant is a Walmart. And, like shopping centers all across the country, it features well-known retail and fast food options, as well. To the untrained eye, this location might seem like nothing special; perhaps even unworthy of professional photography. But at Clear Sky Images, we know how to draw the beauty out of a strip mall and capture it on film. With just the right timing, framing and equipment, not to mention a sharp eye for the perfect image, we can create pictures like these: This is great news for property owners, developers and contractors. When you’re marketing a property or bidding on a contract, you don’t want to a portfolio full of lackluster pictures that look like they were taken on someone’s iPhone. You want the imagery to be attractive and impressive. You want photos that reflect the property’s true potential. If you’d like, you can view the rest of the photos in the Entrada De Oro gallery. While you’re there, you can use the search function to find all of our other shopping center galleries. There are over thirteen pages of galleries to browse through! If you’ve got a “boring, run of the mill” property that you want to sell, like a shopping center, warehouse, office building or similar, you definitely want great photographs to aid you in your marketing efforts! And in order to get great photos, you need great commercial photographers. So if you’re in the market for amazing marketing imagery, contact us today for a quote.