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Do you have a shopping center and really want to show it off with high quality exterior photos?  What about a newly renovated apartment complex that needs highly detailed interior shots that highlight the work that’s been done?  Or perhaps you have a high end property for sale and could use a short video to help close the deal?  If the answer to any of those is “Yes”, then Clear Sky Images is the company for you.


Using the latest photo equipment and editing techniques, Clear Sky Images can make your property look its absolute best.  We take great pride in our work, which is why we go the extra mile on every job.  After receiving your order we research the property, making sure that we shoot at the right time of day to perfectly capture your site.  We also take weather into account to ensure that the sun is shining and the sky looks fantastic.


Taking the photo is only half of the equation however; once you make your selection we edit the photos in a variety of programs to make them look their finest.  We do everything from color correction to compensating for lens distortion to taking out unwanted blemishes (such as dead grass spots or oil stains in the parking lot).  With our interior images we shoot multiple exposures so that everything from the darkest corner to the brightest window is crisp and clear.  Below is an example of the before and after.






Whether you need five or fifty shots, Clear Sky Images has a package to fit your budget and needs.  When we shoot your property we overshoot to give you an abundance of angles to pick from.  After the shoot we will provide you with a proof gallery of everything that was shot for you to choose which images you like best.  Only ordered a 10 shot package but like 15?  No problem, as it’s a breeze to upgrade your photo package.  We also keep all photos, edited and unedited, on file so if you find you need a specific shot from a six-month old shoot we will have you covered.


Our video service is all inclusive, as we will take your project from conception and pre-production through the production and post-production phase all the way to completion.  We can help you write the script, provide voice over talent as well as give you access to a library of stock music.  Whether your project is large or small, we can accommodate.

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