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As photographers, when we go on vacation, we’re looking for more than fun and relaxation. Of course, relaxing and having fun are nice- and we do plenty of that, too- but we always keep our eyes open for dazzling scenery, begging to be captured by our lenses.

So it was when we visited Catalina Island, off the coast of California. We visited the island as part of a Carnival Cruise vacation, and the scenic, natural beauty of the island blew us away. We saw (and photographed!) the morning mist blanketing the rugged cliffs, stately sailboats at anchor in the harbor, and bright blue water rolling away into the horizon. We even photographed a few bison!

catalina island photos, travel photography, bison, buffalo

The Catalina Chamber of Commerce purchased a few of the shots for this year's Catalina Island vacation guide. Click over to see the lovely panoramic view of the harbor that we made by taking several shots with our Nikon D800 and stitching them together. We are really pleased with this collection of photos. They are just stunning.

We highly recommend a visit to Catalina Island if you ever get the chance. We really enjoyed our time there. To see more gorgeous Catalina Island photos, visit the gallery. Of course, all of our photos are available for purchase as stock. And if you need professional quality photography to market your vacation destination, contact Clear Sky Images today!