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Austin  Downtown 370While Austin is known around the world as the live music capitol of the world, it also has one of the largest tech communities in the country.  Companies like video game maker Blizzard, Semiconductor maker Freescale and Google all have major offices in Austin.  Unlike the rest of those companies, Silicon Labs not only has their headquarters here, but have it right in the heart of downtown.   Spread out over two buildings on West Cesar Chavez, the Silicon Labs buildings are distinct multi-story buildings tucked in between numerous skyscrapers.  Workers at the building who are fortunate enough to have a South wall office gets to look out over the beautiful Town Lake.   For years the 20 year old company had been leasing these twin six-story buildings, but back in 2012 they made them their permanent home by purchasing them.  This has not only helped solidify Austin as a hotbed for technology, but also ensured that the Austin skyline won’t entirely be dominated by giant buildings for the foreseeable future.   If you would like to see more of the Silicon Labs building and how it fits into the Austin Skyline please visit our Austin Stock Photo Gallery here.