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Blog » Architectural Photography at The Residences at Biltmore

Most of our shoots go very well, due in large part to the fact that the staff that we meet on site are usually extremely helpful and easy to work with. One of our recent architectural photography shoots at The Residences at Biltmore in Asheville, NC really hit the mark in this regard. Shane Bounds with The Residences and Chris Laney of Serrus Capital Partners helped to stage and procure the models for this shoot; and due to their foresight and excellent eye, things came out even more spectacularly.

We rarely work with people or models on an architectural shoot, so for things to have turned out as well as they did, we were ecstatic. After the session, we were surprised to learn that the models, Jordan and Cullen Harper, have not modeled professionally before. Despite this, every single shot came out flawlessly and their postures and energy really made the spaces even more inviting. They are obviously a gorgeous couple, and Campbell had an added level of comfort in front of cameras because he was the star quarterback for Clemson!

The real winners of this shoot are the amazing twilight shots. Did you know these might not have even been taken? There was no plan to shoot in the morning, but as the sun began to rise around 7:30am Brett noticed a hint of pink in the sky. He and Shelly got all of the equipment together in a hurry and got in several beauties in only about a 10 minute window!

Overall, we think these architectural photography shots came out lovely and we were happy to receive this back as a response from Chris after sending the completed gallery:

"Simply - WOW"