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Looking for great aerial videography in North Carolina? Want to make your marketing soar? Clear Sky Images has what you need! Meet the Quadcopter. 

The Latest Technology in Aerial Videography

This beauty is the Matrix by Turbo Ace. It has a 1.2 meter wingspan and the most advanced and effective navigation and stabilization hardware on the market. Plus, the Matrix is capable of extended flight times, up to triple that of our competitors’ platforms. One of the coolest features of the Quadcopter is its GPS based auto-navigation, which enables us to fly the same exact shot every single time: one week, six months, or even five years later! And with the drone, we can easily reschedule in the case of inclement weather, and we still offer you the fastest turnaround for aerial videography and photography.

Smooth and Accurate

Check out this video we captured of the New Red Ventures facility, built by Choate Construction. Notice how smooth and jitter-free the footage is. This kind of detail and imagery composition is not achievable with traditional aircraft. It is made possible by the Matrix’s highly sophisticated gimbal, which ensures the smoothest possible video and full control of framing. Plus, the instant air-to-ground video link guarantees absolute accuracy. Only this system allows us to use cinematic techniques to create such high-quality video! Take a look at one of our recent galleries of aerial real estate images. This gallery contains photos of the gorgeously landscaped Lake Pointe Center. Notice how the Quadcopter and its professional grade camera and lenses were able to capture incredible detail with no distortion! You certainly won’t get results anywhere near this good with a $200 GoPro! Contact us today for more information on how to get the best aerial videography in North Carolina (and elsewhere... we have been known to travel!) working for you!