Clear Sky Images

Who We Are

The #1 photographer for commercial real estate and new construction!

Clear Sky Images delivers professional photography services to meet your business needs and elevate your marketing into the digital age. Since 2007, Clear Sky has been the trusted partner of architects, engineers, contractors and retailers throughout the country. From traditional photo shoots, to aerial coverage and video production, we offer a comprehensive image package.

We have managed photo shoots from North Carolina to California and have worked extensively throughout the Southeast. As a Charlotte-based firm, we are well-situated in the middle of the region and can readily travel to your project location.

The Team

Brett Osborne has been working in the commercial photography space since 1999. With entrepreneurial spirit, he founded Clear Sky Images in respect for the fast-paced world of the commercial business industry. His work strives to honor the accomplishments and craft of his clients, which is the reason he approaches each project with integrity and pride.

Shelly Osborne is the perfect complement to Brett’s creative vision. Her attention to detail and personable approach ensures every project will be handled in a reliable and timely manner. From scheduling the job to sending you the bill, she will be with you from start to finish.

George Cole can put a Quad Copter in places that seem impossible! He has singlehandedly created a new division for Clear Sky Images with some of the most creative imagery we have ever done. Have a look at many of the new videos uploaded to our youtube channel to see just how talented this guy is. On the ground, with people, or in the air, his biggest concerns are happy clients.

Hale Hoeflick What can we say about Hale, he kind of just fell out of the sky. Hale can be best described as quirky and endearing. Coming from the world of Quality, Hale has developed into a fantastic photographer with all credit going to the Redbeard and strawberry blonde Manbun. We are happy to have this addition to our team even if he doesn't have a soul.

Derek Slaton is the lead photographer for Clear Sky Images in Texas. He has worked extensively in photography and video production for the past decade, shooting jobs from coast to coast. He got his start working directly with Brett almost 10 years ago. His style compliments the “Clear Sky Images” standards of production so nicely that we started to call him “Texas Brett” but for some reason he prefers Derek… Oh well. Who knew his time being spent thrown around in a mosh pit would translate into the fast paced commercial photography world of 2015 and beyond? We did!

Scott Scienski is an amazing artist by trade. His work with custom graphics is a great compliment to editing our photos. No image looks good straight off the camera – Scott takes the ugly proofs we send to you and makes them beautiful! His attention to detail and creative nature are a perfect fit. In between editing images, join him for a round or two of disc golf!

Joe Enrico...hmmm... A savant really (don't tell him I said that). At Clear Sky Images, we look for a certain kind of person and, well, that's Joe. You'll understand when you meet him and see his photos. You'll also find some of the best, new skylines Clear Sky has to offer by this guy. Joe has a variety of other creative talents from gardening, playing guitar and disc golf.

Kathy Rynard is the resident cat wrangler of our motley crew. She comes to us from regimented world of the armed forces and where she performed database management for a fleet of airplanes. We should be a breeze to order around! Kathy will coordinate your project from initiation to completion and is the client point of contact for day to day scheduling and receiving final images.

John Steele is The Architect in this matrix we call His web development skills and knowledge of all things “code” has given us the web edge over all other competitors. We highly recommended you give him notice if your website is not making the impact it should. John can be reached at