Mount Bonnell

Located just a few miles outside of downtown Austin, Mount Bonnell gives visitors a great opportunity to check the surrounding area.  Standing seven hundred and eighty feet above sea level, Mount Bonnell is second only to the Jollyville Plateau in terms of height in the Austin area.  This height allows for a fantastic view of the Lake Austin portion of the Colorado River, the 360 Bridge, and the downtown Austin skyline.


While the site was designated a Texas Historical Landmark in 1969, it has been a heavily visited tourist spot since the 1850s.  The site was named for George W. Bonnell, who was a prominent figure in the fight for Texas Independence.  In addition to being the Commissioner of Indian Affairs under president Sam Houston, he also published the prominent paper The Texas Sentinel.


There are two ways in which to reach the top of Mount Bonnell.  The most direct route is the gigantic staircase that will take you straight to the top.  The long way is a gentle slope up the side of the hill, giving you some great views of the West side (as well as some great views of some of the most expensive homes in the Austin area).  Once at the top there is a picnic area overlooking the entirety of the Austin skyline.  You will be hard pressed to find a better view for your lunch.


For those who are interested in the rich history of Mount Bonnell, there are a number of stories presented here.  Our full gallery of images can be found here.

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League City Plaza

Located between Houston and Galveston TX, the League City Plaza is at the heart of League City’s retail hub.  Thanks to its high quality and wide variety of shops, as well as being one of the last major stops before reaching the popular vacation destination of Galveston, the League City Plaza is perfectly situated to be an economic force in the area.  With anchor stores Kroger and Spec’s, this center gets a lot of foot traffic, boosting the surrounding businesses.


When Clear Sky Images photographs a site such as this, we first focus our attention on the main tenants, making sure that they are captured from every conceivable angle.  After that we make our way around the entire property to ensure that every highlight is captured.  In the case of League City Plaza, there was significant greenery around the property, which is highlighted in our photos.


With this photo shoot we also did twilight photographs of the main tenant Kroger.  This allowed us to capture a somewhat colorful sky while showing the inside of the store being illuminated.  If you would like to see more from this set, the full gallery is here.


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Downtown Austin

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in nation, something that can plainly be seen just by simply walking through downtown on any given day.  No matter which direction you face, you will see buildings being renovated and skyscraper sized cranes laying the groundwork for the next high-rise office building or hotel.  Those new buildings will share the skyline with buildings like the Frost Bank Tower and the Austonian, which is the largest residential building west of the Mississippi standing at a massive 56 floors.


On the South Side of Downtown you will find Lady Bird Lake and some of the best parks and running trails in the area.  Every day thousands of runners take can be seen running up and down the waterfront, which helps solidify Austin’s position as being one of the fittest cities in the nation.  For those who are looking for something a little more low-key, Zilker Park and Auditorium Shores gives ample green space for people and their dogs to kick back and enjoy Austin’s year round warm temperatures.


The biggest draw of Downtown Austin however is the world famous 6th Street.  On any given night there will be dozens of bands playing at a variety of venues on the strip.  The weekends get even crazier, as they block off the street to allow thousands of people to roam freely, making it easier to bar hop.  Even the biggest weekend however doesn’t hold a candle to the annual South by Southwest music festival.  Each year in March thousands of bands come from all corners of the globe to perform.  If there is a place to set up a stage, you can bet there will be a dozen bands playing every day.


To see more of our Downtown Austin photography, the full gallery is here.

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LBJ Presidential Library

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The Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) Library and Museum, located on the University of Texas campus, is one of 13 Presidential Libraries administered by the National Archives and Records Administration.  Attracting approximately 100,000 visitors each year, the ten-story library is home to 45 million pages of historical documents, 650,000 photographs, and 5,000 hours of recordings from LBJ’s political career.  The museum is home to a vast and eclectic collection of various objects from President Johnson’s days in office, some donated by President Johnson and his wife, Lady Bird, as well as a collection of art ranging from children’s drawings to masterpieces from artists including Diego Rivera and Winslow Homer.


Supported by The Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation and Friends of the LBJ Library, the LBJ Library and Museum hosts 5 permanent exhibits on-site and also offers exhibits online.  In addition to tours of the library and exhibits, the LBJ Library provides educational workshops and presentations featuring resources available from the museum collection.  The LBJ Library hosts various special events throughout the year such as debates, bipartisan discussion, and lectures.  Visitors are also able to schedule an appointment with an archivist in order to conduct research using both textual and audiovisual materials, with some collections also available in digital format online.  Visitors have the opportunity to memorialize their visit by purchasing souvenirs and memorabilia from the The Store at LBJ.

Clear Sky Images has many photos of this Austin landmark, as well as plenty more from around the UT Campus.


Small Town Texas

North Texas 4306


The state of Texas has four of the eleven largest cities in the nation, yet one of the largest draws to the state is its small town lifestyle.  On a recent trip to the Panhandle we stopped and visited Dalhart, a town that was important to the construction of the Texas State Capitol.


As previously mentioned, the land in Austin where the Texas State Capitol sits was traded for three million acres in the Panhandle.  That land later became the XIT Ranch, the largest cattle ranch in the world.  Dalhart is also known as XIT City thanks to its long relationship with the famous XIT Ranch.  In addition to the XIT Museum, Dalhart also hosts the XIT Rodeo and Reunion every year in August.


The downtown area is very quaint, with its red brick roads and old storefronts.  The courthouse honors James R. Fox Jr, who was a pilot for Pan American Airways and flew missions during World War II through The Hump, which was the nickname given to the east end of the Himalayan Mountains.  Tragically his plane went down during the war, but the Chinese honored his memory by making a bronze bust in his honor and presenting it to the town.


While the history of the town is rich, the most awe-inspiring sight is without a doubt the sunsets.  Virtually every night the entire sky lights up with with bright reds, oranges and yellows, making for some breathtaking views.  Thanks to the outskirts of town being farmland, if you take a five minute drive you will find yourself on an empty road with nothing but the sky ahead of you.

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