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Las Colinas, Dallas

Las Colinas, Dallas

Apartment photography is where we shine! And where is a bigger place to shine than in the state of Texas! Texas has four of the largest eleven cities in the nation with Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.  Those four cities also rank in the top ten of the fastest growing cities in the nation, which is all the more impressive when you factor in they are all within a few hours drive of each other.  This level of unprecedented growth means lots of new people looking for places to live.


Moving to a new city can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to finding a new apartment.  Most people have a limited amount of time to spend visiting complexes, which is why they conduct their initial search online.  This is why it is vital to have your apartment complex looking its absolute best on your website, which is where Clear Sky Images comes in.


After submitting your order, our photographers will research your property to figure out the exact right time to shoot the showpieces of your property (clubhouse, pool, etc) and schedule your shoot accordingly.  And while we shoot everything your complex has to offer, we do coordinate with you to make sure we highlight the things that are important to you.  Just renovated the kitchens and want lots of photos of the new countertops?  Done.  Have a spectacular waterfall in your pool and want to show it off?  Done.  New workout room?  Done.  Whatever your needs, we will deliver.


Once on site, we continue to go the extra mile as we stage every shot we take.  For the pool area we make sure all the chairs are uniform, umbrellas are open, and chairs are straight and underneath the table.  When it comes to shooting interiors we take our time and go through the entire apartment to make sure everything is perfect.  We make the blinds look uniform, bedspreads are straightened, and furniture is moved to create symmetry.  In short, we make sure every room looks its absolute best.


After the shoot we provide you with a proof gallery of every angle we shoot, giving you an overabundance of images to pick from.  Once you make your selections we put them through a rigorous post-production process to turn good images into great ones.  Ready to get started?  Go to www.clearskyimages.com and click “Get a Quote”.



Location Photography – Austin Hotspots: HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Location photography in Austin, TX. The opportunities abound! With this series of blogs, we will highlight a few of our favorites photo opportunities.

Located just minutes from downtown Austin at 11th and Baylor St., the HOPE Outdoor Gallery is one of the largest outdoor art installations in the nation.  This three story mass of concrete began life as the foundation for a proposed housing project, however fate had other plans as the building was never completed.  In March of 2011 the HOPE Foundation, with the assistance of property owner Castle Hill Partners, took over the space and turned the bare concrete slabs into an ever changing outdoor art exhibit.

The HOPE Foundation brings together artists and musicians to create events to raise awareness for various causes.  With the HOPE Outdoor Gallery they are able to provide an impressive space where artists and community members a safe space where they can create and display their inspirational artwork.  In the process it has become one of the top 10 tourist destinations in Austin, which is impressive given that it’s not highly publicized or advertised.

 The artwork runs the gamut in terms of size and content.  On one narrow support beam you might find Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man chasing down some ghosts.  Take a few steps and you’ll find a seven foot tall blue stuffed teddybear hanging from a ledge and picking a flower.  For the adventurous types, you can climb up the hill on the side of the property to reach two more levels of colorful creations.

 While the artwork changes frequently, it isn’t a free for all.  In order to paint you must register and provide an example of what your addition to the park will be.  This not only helps to keep existing artwork intact, but also ensures that the positive and inspirational message is present.  The best part however is that every time you visit the site you are all but guaranteed to see new creations on the walls.

 For those who appreciate street art, or just want a perfect example of why the unofficial city motto is “Keep Austin Weird”, The HOPE Outdoor Gallery should be at the top of your list.

For more information on the HOPE Campaign, or to view some of the artwork that has graced the walls of the Outdoor Gallery, the links are below.

 HOPE Campaign link


 HOPE Outdoor Gallery Link

https://www.facebook.com/HOPEOutdoorGalleryHOPE Graffiti Park 6550 HOPE Graffiti Park 6589



Clear Sky Images is now in Texas

Do you have a shopping center and really want to show it off with high quality exterior photos?  What about a newly renovated apartment complex that needs highly detailed interior shots that highlight the work that’s been done?  Or perhaps you have a high end property for sale and could use a short video to help close the deal?  If the answer to any of those is “Yes”, then Clear Sky Images is the company for you.


Using the latest photo equipment and editing techniques, Clear Sky Images can make your property look its absolute best.  We take great pride in our work, which is why we go the extra mile on every job.  After receiving your order we research the property, making sure that we shoot at the right time of day to perfectly capture your site.  We also take weather into account to ensure that the sun is shining and the sky looks fantastic.


Taking the photo is only half of the equation however; once you make your selection we edit the photos in a variety of programs to make them look their finest.  We do everything from color correction to compensating for lens distortion to taking out unwanted blemishes (such as dead grass spots or oil stains in the parking lot).  With our interior images we shoot multiple exposures so that everything from the darkest corner to the brightest window is crisp and clear.  Below is an example of the before and after.






Whether you need five or fifty shots, Clear Sky Images has a package to fit your budget and needs.  When we shoot your property we overshoot to give you an abundance of angles to pick from.  After the shoot we will provide you with a proof gallery of everything that was shot for you to choose which images you like best.  Only ordered a 10 shot package but like 15?  No problem, as it’s a breeze to upgrade your photo package.  We also keep all photos, edited and unedited, on file so if you find you need a specific shot from a six-month old shoot we will have you covered.


Our video service is all inclusive, as we will take your project from conception and pre-production through the production and post-production phase all the way to completion.  We can help you write the script, provide voice over talent as well as give you access to a library of stock music.  Whether your project is large or small, we can accommodate.

Ready to get started?  Contact us today!


Ghost Drone Announcement

Everybody is talking about drone videography. Now Ghost Drone is making it so that everybody can BE a drone videographer!

● The world’s easiest drone to fly, the Ghost turns the average person into a filmmaker. Control it with your smartphone and film like a pro!

● The drone, with attached GoPro or camera, is controlled by the app on your smartphone, so anyone can film aerial movies straight
from their phone.

So why should you care? If you help launch Ghost into the US market, you become an early adopter. The Ghost will be ready to ship by mid-January. The more demand they have, the more they can pass the savings to YOU through special deals, additional accessories and features.

Follow this link to join in the new revolution: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ghost-drone-aerial-filming-has- never-been-easier


Stunning Interior Architectural Photography

Last week, we published a blog post that focused on some of the finest examples of  our exterior architecture photography. For this week, we thought we’d exhibit some of our stunning interior architectural photography. Over the years, we have shot more than a few gorgeous indoor spaces that were just begging to be showcased.

For example, take a look at this transitional space from an office building in Charlotte, NC. The rich, polished wood grain and the glittering tile floors come together in this image to emphasize the elegance of the design. To see more photos of this property, check out the gallery.

interior architectural photography, commercial photographers, charlotte nc

And how about this photograph, taken at the University of North Carolina? What a beautiful specimen of modern interior architecture! With this image, we strived to underscore the striking depth and symmetry of the structure. Who knew a staircase could make such a statement? There are more images of this site here.

interior architectural photography, unc, architectural photographer

This is a picture we shot of one of the entryways at the Coliseum Centre in Charlotte, NC. With the fountain for a focal point, the image pulls the glass and marble features of the space together with the beams of light from outside, evoking a sense of contemporary refinement. If you’d like to see more of photos of the Coliseum Centre, check out this gallery.

interior architecture photography, north carolina, commercial photography

Taking the time to capture the character and mood of an indoor space is one of the joys of our craft. We give each room in each building the attention it deserves. That’s how we create such high-calibre, enduring imagery for our clients.

We would love to give our expert attention to your property! If your space is begging to be showcased with interior architectural photography, contact us today for more information.