Ghost Drone Announcement

Everybody is talking about drone videography. Now Ghost Drone is making it so that everybody can BE a drone videographer!

● The world’s easiest drone to fly, the Ghost turns the average person into a filmmaker. Control it with your smartphone and film like a pro!

● The drone, with attached GoPro or camera, is controlled by the app on your smartphone, so anyone can film aerial movies straight
from their phone.

So why should you care? If you help launch Ghost into the US market, you become an early adopter. The Ghost will be ready to ship by mid-January. The more demand they have, the more they can pass the savings to YOU through special deals, additional accessories and features.

Follow this link to join in the new revolution: never-been-easier


Stunning Interior Architectural Photography

Last week, we published a blog post that focused on some of the finest examples of  our exterior architecture photography. For this week, we thought we’d exhibit some of our stunning interior architectural photography. Over the years, we have shot more than a few gorgeous indoor spaces that were just begging to be showcased.

For example, take a look at this transitional space from an office building in Charlotte, NC. The rich, polished wood grain and the glittering tile floors come together in this image to emphasize the elegance of the design. To see more photos of this property, check out the gallery.

interior architectural photography, commercial photographers, charlotte nc

And how about this photograph, taken at the University of North Carolina? What a beautiful specimen of modern interior architecture! With this image, we strived to underscore the striking depth and symmetry of the structure. Who knew a staircase could make such a statement? There are more images of this site here.

interior architectural photography, unc, architectural photographer

This is a picture we shot of one of the entryways at the Coliseum Centre in Charlotte, NC. With the fountain for a focal point, the image pulls the glass and marble features of the space together with the beams of light from outside, evoking a sense of contemporary refinement. If you’d like to see more of photos of the Coliseum Centre, check out this gallery.

interior architecture photography, north carolina, commercial photography

Taking the time to capture the character and mood of an indoor space is one of the joys of our craft. We give each room in each building the attention it deserves. That’s how we create such high-calibre, enduring imagery for our clients.

We would love to give our expert attention to your property! If your space is begging to be showcased with interior architectural photography, contact us today for more information.


The Best in Architecture Photography

When you’re looking for top-of-the-line architecture photography services, look no further than Clear Sky Images. We create dazzling images for our clients to showcase the unique architecture of a building and let the property shine. We thought for this week’s blog post, we would offer up a small sampling of some of our best architecture photography. Hope you enjoy!

There’s something special about this photo we took of an office building in Charlotte, North Carolina. The mirrored glass really makes the image pop- reflecting the trees and the blue summer sky. The shot emphasizes the stark lines and angles of the architecture, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. To see more of the images from this photo shoot, see the gallery here.

architecture photography, clear sky images, commercial, charlotte nc

We were able to capture the antiqued-urban feel of this apartment complex in Houston, Texas. With its dignified brick exterior and lush green landscaping, the building makes for a beautiful architecture photography subject. You can view the rest of the photos from this collection here.

architecture photography, charlotte photographers, clear sky images

Last but not least, here’s a stunning twilight photo of the Fayetteville State University Student Union building.  We find that dawn and dusk are the best times to obtain brilliant images of unique architecture. That’s especially true for buildings like this one that feature a lot of glass.

architecture photography, north carolina, commercial photographer, nc

Want to see more? Check out a collection of all of our architectural galleries here. And if you would like us to give your building the star treatment with professional quality architecture photography, contact us today for a quote! Also keep in mind that all of the images in the galleries are available for stock purchase!


NC Commercial Landscape Photographers

Often, a property’s charm and allure are not just in the building itself, but hidden also in the surrounding landscape. We have photographed landscapes, vistas and natural scenery for all types of clients, from residential developers to chambers of commerce to actual landscaping companies. Today we thought it would be nice to share with you a few of our best landscape images.

This open and welcoming courtyard sits between two large office buildings. Here is a link to the complete gallery for this property. By photographing outdoor spaces from just the right angles and in just the right light, we can really showcase the most pleasing qualities of the scenery.


We shot this photograph for an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can see the full gallery here. We particularly like this image because, while it shows the community center building, the focal point is really the landscape design. Using a photo like this in your marketing material can give potential residents a sense for the lush, verdant feel of the property.

landscape photography, landscape photographer, nc, north carolina

Here is a photo we shot for a landscaping company, Metro Greenscape. We photographed some of the company’s best work at different properties in the area. Images like this one highlight the company’s skill with stone work and plant selections, and show that the designers know how to create a vibrant, inviting outdoor space. You can see the full gallery here.

landscape photographers, charlotte nc, landscape photographer

We hope you have enjoyed viewing this selection of images. If you would like to see more of our landscape photography, you can view a large assortment of landscape related galleries here. And if you are looking for skilled commercial landscape photographers, let us know about your project by contacting us today.


Aerial Photography North Carolina

“To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

-Elliot Erwitt

There is something fascinating about seeing ordinary places from a new angle, a new vantage point. That’s one of the reasons why aerial photography is so great- not just for reference and documentation, but also as a marketing tool. Anyone can drive by and see your building, park or development from the road or parking lot. But to see it from above? A bird’s eye view? That’s hard for the average guy to accomplish.

In our capacity as commercial photographers, we shoot a lot of high-quality, professional aerials in our home state of NC and across the southeast. In fact, we believe we produce some of the best aerial photography North Carolina has to offer. And we’re continually pleased with the “interesting somethings” that aerial imagery shows us- details we wouldn’t have seen from the ground.  We’ve been combing through our aerial archives over the past few days, and we thought we’d share a few of our nicest aerial projects with our blog readers.

Like the gorgeous, curving symmetry of this property- Sure, it looks nice when you are standing in front of it, but aerial photography offers us a chance to see its design in a much more complete and satisfying way. It’s impressive, don’t you think? (See the rest of this gallery here.)

aerial photography north carolina, charlotte, office building, institutional, architectural photography

Or how about this bird’s eye view of a waterfront residential development? From above, we can see all the little inlets and coves, snaking in and out of the wooded lots. It shows the property’s natural beauty in a new and exciting light. (See the rest of this gallery here.)

aerial photography, north carolina, real estate photographer

And look at this one. From the streets of this Cary, NC subdivision, you might see a few pretty trees, but from above, you can see that this community is actually nestled in a literal forest. (See the rest of this gallery here.)

aerial photographer, nc, cary, subdivision

You can find all of our galleries of aerial photography in North Carolina here. And if you’re looking to find those “interesting somethings” about your shopping center, apartment complex, industrial park, or any other type of property, contact us for more information about our aerial photography services.


Catalina Island Photos

catalina island photos, catalina island, mountains, fog, travel photography

As photographers, when we go on vacation, we’re looking for more than fun and relaxation. Of course, relaxing and having fun are nice- and we do plenty of that, too- but we always keep our eyes open for dazzling scenery, begging to be captured by our lenses.

So it was when we visited Catalina Island, off the coast of California. We visited the island as part of a Carnival Cruise vacation, and the scenic, natural beauty of the island blew us away. We saw (and photographed!) the morning mist blanketing the rugged cliffs, stately sailboats at anchor in the harbor, and bright blue water rolling away into the horizon. We even photographed a few bison!

catalina island photos, travel photography, bison, buffalo

The Catalina Chamber of Commerce purchased a few of the shots for this year’s Catalina Island vacation guide. Click over to see the lovely panoramic view of the harbor that we made by taking several shots with our Nikon D800 and stitching them together. We are really pleased with this collection of photos. They are just stunning.

We highly recommend a visit to Catalina Island if you ever get the chance. We really enjoyed our time there. To see more gorgeous Catalina Island photos, visit the gallery. Of course, all of our photos are available for purchase as stock. And if you need professional quality photography to market your vacation destination, contact Clear Sky Images today!


Our Commercial Photographers Make Walmart Look Amazing

When most people think “beautiful photography”, a Walmart shopping strip probably isn’t the first subject to come to mind. But the truth is, even a shopping center can look awesome with a nice background and one of our talented commercial photographers behind the lens.

Take Entrada De Oro Shopping Center in Arizona, for example. Its major tenant is a Walmart. And, like shopping centers all across the country, it features well-known retail and fast food options, as well. To the untrained eye, this location might seem like nothing special; perhaps even unworthy of professional photography. But at Clear Sky Images, we know how to draw the beauty out of a strip mall and capture it on film. With just the right timing, framing and equipment, not to mention a sharp eye for the perfect image, we can create pictures like these:

commercial photographers, clear sky images, real estate photography

commercial photographers, walmart, shopping center, architectural photography, clear sky images

commercial photographers, clear sky images, construction project photography

This is great news for property owners, developers and contractors. When you’re marketing a property or bidding on a contract, you don’t want to a portfolio full of lackluster pictures that look like they were taken on someone’s iPhone. You want the imagery to be attractive and impressive. You want photos that reflect the property’s true potential.

If you’d like, you can view the rest of the photos in the Entrada De Oro gallery. While you’re there, you can use the search function to find all of our other shopping center galleries. There are over thirteen pages of galleries to browse through!

If you’ve got a “boring, run of the mill” property that you want to sell, like a shopping center, warehouse, office building or similar, you definitely want great photographs to aid you in your marketing efforts! And in order to get great photos, you need great commercial photographers. So if you’re in the market for amazing marketing imagery, contact us today for a quote.


Touchdown! (With Monthly Aerial Photographs)

Monthly aerial photographs are an excellent way to record the progress made on big construction projects. The resulting photography is an outstanding marketing tool for architects, contractors and property owners.

We recently did a series of aerial photographs to highlight the progress of an exciting project here in Charlotte. As you might know, North Carolinians love their pro football, and Charlotte is very proud of its NFL team, the Carolina Panthers! And as it happens, the Bank of America Stadium (where the Panthers make their home) has gone through some extensive renovations as of late. Needless to say, we were ecstatic for the opportunity to shoot monthly progress aerial photographs of the renovations for Turner Construction, the contractor in charge of the $65 million project.

The sweeping improvements made to the stadium over the course of the off-season include new scoreboards (2.5 times larger than the old ones), four new escalators and new wraparound electronic graphics in the seating bowl. You can see how much work went into these renovations in the progression of aerial photographs below.

aerial photographs, commercial photographers, monthly progress aerials, panthers stadium

This shot was taken in March 2014, early on in the stadium renovation process.

aerial photographs, commercial photographers, panthers stadium, aerial photography charlotte, clear sky images

This one was taken in May 2014. You can see some transformations beginning to take place.

aerial photographs, commercial photographers, clear sky images, monthly progress aerials, nc panthers stadium

This image is from July of 2014. You can see that the changes are almost complete!

The finished renovations look great, and we were able to get a few really nice skyline shots at a recent Panthers game.

clear sky images, commercial photographers, skyline photos

To learn more about the renovations to the Bank of America Stadium, check out this article.

By the way, if your company is working on an important construction project, don’t let all your hard work go undocumented! Chronicle your headway with aerial photographs. If you would like to discuss monthly progress aerials for your project, contact us today!



Baseball Comes to Uptown Charlotte


In case you haven’t heard, Uptown Charlotte is now the proud home of minor league baseball team the Charlotte Knights, as well as a gorgeous new baseball park! The Knights moved here from Fort Mill, SC, and just completed their inaugural season here in the Queen City.

So… where does Clear Sky Images come into all of this? Well, we got to shoot the last game in Fort Mill, and actually landed with a helicopter on the field! We had a blast with this project, as you can probably imagine. The mascot, Homer, dug up all the plates and took them to the new BB&T BallPark in Charlotte, where we were able to photograph the bases being brought to their magnificent new home.



The new BB&T BallPark is creatively and efficiently designed, and it has surpassed all expectations, becoming the most attended minor league baseball stadium in the country. It’s so cool to have the Knights uptown. People pack out the games, and a whole neighborhood of pubs, restaurants and apartments has sprung up around the ballfield and the next-door Bearden Park.

We were so excited to have been a part of this historical move! What a cool project, and a great addition to Uptown Charlotte! To read more about the Knights, the team’s history, the years-long struggle to get the park approved and built, and the economic impact of having baseball in Charlotte, see this article.

You can see more of the pictures from the last game in Fort Mill here. And there is also a gallery of images from the rehoming of the plates. And, as a special treat, here is a sample of our gallery of fireworks photos from the Fourth of July at BB&T BallPark.




Architectural Photography in Charlotte, NC

architectural photography in charlotte, apartment building, commercial photography, real estate photographer

Here is yet another example of a beautiful property that sold, due in part to great architectural photography in Charlotte, NC!

The Cielo is a 205-unit apartment property in the Montford neighborhood of Charlotte. We photographed it back in February of 2013 and it sold to Weinstein Properties in September of 2013 for $41.5 million. That’s over $200,000 per unit!

We really enjoyed photographing this property. The Cielo features a clubhouse, fitness center, business center, swimming pool and even a small movie theater. With excellent staging and attention to detail, we were able to capture the true character of these amenities. And as you can see, we got some really nice shots of both the exterior and interior of the building.

architectural photography in charlotte, clear sky images, model apartment, commercial photography, real estate marketing photography

architectural photography in charlotte, clear sky images, real estate photography, cielo apartments

To learn more about the sale, check out this article. Or, to see the rest of the fabulous images that came out of the Cielo shoot, click over to the gallery.

Early fall is the perfect time of year to give your apartment property a glamorous photo shoot!  Clear Sky Images can produce images that truly highlight the great qualities in your property that renters and buyers are looking for. If you are in the market for great architectural photography in Charlotte, NC or elsewhere, contact us for a quote! And if you’re curious about the work and staging that goes into making a property like this shine prior to the shoot, check out our handy guide to preparing for a real estate photo shoot!